Black Survival: Eternal Return Closed Alpha Key Giveaway

Join the 2nd Alpha test of Black Survival: Eternal Return! Starting August 10th 1 AM UTC! 

'Black Survival: Eternal Return' is the 3D parallel world of Black Survival(2D) that brings a new world in a Survival Battle Royale map where you will find yourself searching, crafting, attacking and escaping from your opponents in order to be the last one standing.

After only 7 months of development the game is proud of having its 2nd Alpha test now on August 10th 1 AM UTC.

About Black Survival: Eternal Return:
BS:ER has evolved quite a lot from its 1st Alpha test, bringing new features and improved looks into its 2nd Alpha test!

  • Choose between one of our current test Subjects and combat against other players in the multiplayer map of Lumia Island.
  • Secure your survival by searching for materials and crafting weapons and other items to become the strongest and most resourceful player among them all.
  • Grow Masteries that will naturally make you stronger by walking around, crafting, hunting and fighting among many other players.
  • Magnus, the bike gang leader also known as “the one who can take down 17” has been added to the 2nd Alpha test and you will be shocked by his cool skills.

Do not forget to sign up our form to obtain a 2nd Alpha tester role in our official Discord and receive a special reward upon Early Access of the game.

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