Steam Exploit

Steam Exploit

An exploitable vulnerability has been discovered within Steam Client Service. It's a item of concern but I would recommend using good judgement on the games you download from Steam. Stick with reputable software publishers that you know and trust. Don't expect just because it's on the Steam store that's safe and secure. 

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Thanks for the advice


Good to know, thanks.


Good news. Steam is already working on a fix.

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Thanks for letting us know.

BitGamerX said: Good news. Steam is already working on a fix.

Well, that certainly is good news. 

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Ro Man

So, Steam is as trustworthy as Goole Play now, huh?

Play solo, live together or vice versa?




My god... Now this? tnx for the advice


"Reputable Software Publishers" Thanks for the Info. I assumed Steam would never have this kind of problem. Perhaps Uplay or Origin, not Steam. By The Nine. GOG will now be my goto. I must have CyberPunk! Will Steam die a slow death as Epic rises? Now I am scared to download anything. 


Thanks for the heads up!!  :)

Meow Derp-a-Derrrp ☮ ♥ ☯


thanks man good to know

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Exploit found in Steam Client Services

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