Terrible News for Borderlands 3 Fans - Denuvo will be part of the package

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Borderlands 3 will be released in less than a month and fans are no doubt excited.  The game has courted a lot of controversy when it was announced that it will be a timed exclusive to the Epic Games store.  Now Epic has announced that Borderlands 3 will make use of the most hated DRM solution: Denuvo anti-tamper.

In a revamped store page design, Borderland's descriptionhas been updated to mention that it “incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo anti-tamper.”  Users on the reddit thread have also been very vocal about this new situation.  It seems that fans can expect this to mean that future Epic store releases could have extra DRM protection as well.

Denuvo’s not foolproof, but it has proven effective in keeping many 2019 releases from being torrented for months – though some versions of the software have still been cracked upon launch.  The problem is that Denuvo affects different games differently and no one has any idea if it will be detrimental to the gameplay of Borderlands 3.

There are plenty of Denuvo haters out there.  One can only hope it doesn't affect fans' enjoyment of the game.


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Bl1ndGuardian said:

Yeah Probably :P
When will epic get their shit together?


Its funny but Denuvo as a protection had few issues in new game releases as it was with high CPU usage. Eather way they still implement it even if its cracked days/weeks after launch sometimes sooner. That said game looks cool but the controversy around ... make it realy bad looking.

In my country, it takes less, then a week to crack the game


This solidifies my stance on Borderlands 3.


I was going to preorder it which is something I do not do.  Then it went epic exclusive.  That killed the idea of preordering.

So then I said, well I'll get it once it goes on sale  for 75% off on Steam.  Then the crap with Supmatto.

I wasn't going to get it then I thought, no wait, I'll get it but I will wait till its on humble bundle and I can give all the money to charity.


Now with the news Denuvo will be part of the package.... I won't be touching it no matter where its at till that crap is removed.  I don't put up with that crap on my system.  I can do without the game, I have so many others I can play. Sad I will not be able to finish the story myself, but at least I can read about it and watch some videos for it.

So i have a minor issue. It's a bit trivial and i hope i won't make a mountain out of a moehill. While Denuvo is often associated with a negative connotation, it is still up to debate on how negative of an impact it has on games.

Even so, in terms of titles, i think "Borderlands 3 will use Denuvo Anti-Tamper" would be a more suitable title, or something similar. I'm only saying this because this article is now featured and a lot of people will view this article in the future, and in terms of a journalistic approach on the subject and people's view on how alienware features articles, it is best to have an unbiased stance on it.



In a few years it will be on sale for single digit $, I can wait until then. Besides I still have a backlog going back years.