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Customer service is getting bad

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I recently purchased my 3rd alienware laptop , each one being very high end , my first from them was in 2006 I really feel like the customer service system is as broken as it could possibly be and the time to ship a system has gotten worse. I was sure with dell taking alienware over the main benefit would be streamlined processes, in my case and saga with customer service a simple discount took 5 days a dozen phone calls and a canceled order and then re order to get half way figured out. I'm a little worried about how poorly the team structure is for alienware customer support. Teams that have to talk to other teams to talk to another team... for a business that works with computers I'm worried how dysfunctional their internal systems are and it explains why my laptop wont be shipped out for weeks. It leads me to believe unless major changes happen. This will most likely be my last alienware purchase. In the same way any other premium items tend to have better customer service I dont think the 9 levels of bureaucracy are appropriate when ordering a 4 to 5k laptop. What is everyone elses ordering experience like? Also on my last alienware it had a m.2 but the m.2 was so slow it was actually slower than the speed of a sata port so the only benefit was size savings ( but that didnt apply on that laptop) is this still the case with their laptops or have they put a decent m.2 in them now for the area 51m build? I know it's in raid but if it's not at least half way decent im jist going to swap two m.2 970 evo in place and be done with it. Dont just agree with me please share your experiences in the last 6 months or so
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While I understand your frustration, and to some extent I agree that having too many moving parts can make a machine unnecessarily complex, sometimes it is necessary. From the standpoint of an aggravated customer, the layers of bureaucracy seem unnecessary but consider that you're talking about a $4-5k purchase. That, by ANY standards is a high dollar purchase in most business-to-individual consumer models. Customer Service reps aren't always the most experienced either, so having those layers of bureaucracy is key to prevent situations where entry-tier positions aren't hemorrhaging money by sending out high-value items all willy-nilly. 

If I were you, I'd politely and calmly probe for more information on the delay and attempt to explain the urgency if there is any. CS Reps can be receptive to that because they're people too. Usually. 

Just don't be rude about it and try not to play the "I'm a loyal customer and I'm dissatisfied with this service" card; I do not mean that in an offending way but all CS reps hear that every day and it's less a bargaining chip and more a point of frustration. Companies want to retain you and the best way for them to help you is if they understand you, the issue you're experiencing, and how you're willing to meet them half-way.

Overall, I hope it doesn't take too long because waiting is a bummer and there's too many good games you could be playing right now :).

Update , I appreciate your input  but my statement stands. A high end purchase should be a little easier to be made, Im still to this date In contact with Dell dealing with issues from their purchase and not following through with their rewards points.  Im not the customer on the phone who makes the threat to get something out of the rep. The customer service reps are doing their absolute best and cant be faulted here. It is A corporate structure that has taken all ability of a customer service rep to make critical decisions and to enhance workflow away from them that is a problem,  Cx667  I can only assume your trained in your mind to think that when a customer makes a complaint it means they want something extra. I want to be able to call a customer rep, give them my order , get the order put in and get on with my day. If im to earn a living and also enjoy my free time off , lets make it simple. instead there are too many gears in a machine making negative impact toward the customer experience because they are truly incapable of doing any actual change or work. The people arent to blame. its the structure that doesn't allow problems to be solved. I wasn't basing my purchase on a discount I was prompted to take the discount when I called in and spoke to the customer service rep like a human.  After my original post here it took even longer to get the order in. Without more detail its hard to have really explained my frustration , each time i attempted to fix the issues it was with me calling in and spending 45 min or longer on hold or with a rep trying desperately to get the situation resolved but always ending in an excuse because there was some impassable hurdle or person in their way  

I spent $4k on a 51m. Waited 2 weeks. They sent me someone else’s. Verified by Alienware tech. Talked to at least 12 people on the phone to straighten it out. Replacement on order. They then canceled it and held me for fraud until able to get other laptop back. Marked my DFS account for fraud. I didn’t ask to be sent someone else’s computer. My story checked out and another replacement was in the works. Waited approximately another 2 weeks for delivery day. Then FedEx delivered the package to a house across town with a totally different address than mine on the box. So thankful the homeowner called my phone number on the box. This has been the toughest $4,000 I have ever spent. Ridiculous.