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Dark Theme Option ASAP!

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Dear lord... My eyes!!!!

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Agreed! You know, there is a reason why every other website is shifting its design to be darker. 

Great idea ,desperately needed ,also maybe employ some PC users when  designing a website.

+1, its 2019, no matter what app you launch it needs to have both light and dark theme options

My chrome extention Dark Reader doesn't even work on this site. What kind of place is this place?!?!

Yes, bring the dark theme back please.

Because I suffer from severe migraines, I have always kept my computer screen dark and used dark skins and backgrounds on Windows, Chrome and Opera. That is one of the reasons why I was attracted to Alienware Arena because it was so easy on my eyes. Yet now, this bright theme makes viewing Alienware Arena painfully intolerable. I may have to give up Alienware Arena.

The page is really not designed for gamers...

...and still nothing on this


Dear devs, the dark mode is eye friendly, so it's no one's choice of taste - it's a MUST.

It can be a space or a cyber theme if you don't like one colour, or whatever. Professional websites must have been eye-friendly.

Just give that option.

Yes please give us the option for dark mode! :)