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New site layout almost crashed pc

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i'm currently using a pc that is not very good at loading stuff 
with the new layout that loads "everything" in the main menu as popups left and right of the scree, that also move the screen, the pc went from ok speed to OOF while it loaded, usually when it's about to crash it does that, so is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Antworten • 5

Howdy nexit1337,

What browser are you using?  If you are using Chrome, it is notoriously memory hungry, so you could try a different browser.  If you are running Windows 10, you could try Edge.  If not, I suggest perhaps giving FireFox a go.  Also, if you are running in plugins like "no script" or using an ad-blocker, these could (too) cause you some issues.  Try turning those off to see if it helps.

Good luck!

Rich S. 

"Try Edge" lol! Is your sponsor Microsoft?

get a powerful PC tho, lol idk disable scripts?? 

get a powerful PC tho, lol idk disable scripts?? 


Try something a bit more light weight - or