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Badge selection

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Besides the 4 step menu which I haven't noticed at first, today's Daily Quest has revealed (at least to me) 3 other illogical changes with the site's redesign:

1. The badge selection menu works differently than the rest of the site: it selects and fills your badge slots from right to left, with added badges pushing the queue from the right, instead of how it is displayed, starting from the left and adding towards the right. It wouldn't be bad to make it more consistent.

2. Badge selection menu shows your three selected badges on top of the page. But no matter which way you access it (either My account -> Personalization or just clicking on the plus sign if you haven't filled all slots), your profile overview with three old badges is displayed as well. This is not that big of an issue, but I find it redundant to have my current badge layout shown twice on two elements right next to each other when I enter the menu.

3. While badge size has been increased on post and comment headers (wasting a lot of space, but I have written a bit about this already), the badges in your collection have remained the old tinier ones. This, with the already mentioned top preview and side overview makes the selection menu badges the smallest size on the whole site. This is not inherently a problem, even though it would be better if they were bigger. However, I would like the badges preview to be equal in size to comment headers, matching the preview to the version the user will encounter elsewhere on the site. 

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