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Alienware Graphics Amplifier and RTX 2060s

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This thread I made just to confirm that the RTX 2060 Super is compatible with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier and works perfectly with no problems.
My Rig:
Intel Core-i7 6700HQ @ 2.6GHz up to 3.2GHz
Nvidia GTX 970m 3GB
1980x1080 @ 60Hz monitor

I will write the steps in case someone is frustrated.

  1. Make sure that the amplifier is not connected to anything even the power outlet.
  2. Install the RTX 2060 Super to the AMP
  3. connect the power 8 -pin to the GPU
  4. close the AMP Lid(u can keep it semi closed in case u want to make sure that the GPU light and fans are on)
  5. delete all Nvidia drivers(especially GeForce Experience) from your computer using Control Panel> Uninstall Programs
  6. Download the RTX 2060 Super drivers from Nvidia drivers website
  7. Power off your laptop.
  8. Connect your AMP to the power outlet then connect the AMP to your laptop (for safety purposes hold the side latches on each end of the wire when connecting it either to the laptop or AMP)
  9. Power on your laptop*
  10. When it boots up go to the device manager make sure the your mobile GPU is not connected (the GTX 970m in my case is not connected), Right Click on the desktop and make sure that NVIDIA Control Panel is not there under Intel Graphics Settings(just to guarantee that the nvidia drivers are not there).
  11. Run/Install the downloaded drivers, for instance don't install GeForce Experience(I don't sure what this piece of software do but I like to keep it to the end after making sure everything is working fine)
  12. After installation is completed it will require to Restart
  13. After your computer restart hopefully when you open the Device Manager you will find the RTX 2060 Super there and its drivers installed

*To guarantee that all components are working fine and it is not a hardware issue, you should see a green light at the back of the AMP, your GPU fans are running and if it has RGB they should be ON(as long as the manufacturer doesn't light them up on first run and the Alienware Logo on the AMP is ON(most of theses lights might be off by default on first run except the green light at the back of the AMP, this one is mandatory to be on either way u need to contact DELL)

Edit 1: I just disconnected the AMP and rebooted my system, normally the you won't find any nVidia driver there, if you want to reactivate your mobile GPU just reinstall the drivers from GeForce Experience and restart and your mobile will be back, when you reconnect you AMP you will need to reinstall the drivers again. I think that's the downside of this AMP.  


P.S.: The GPU used is the Founder's Edition version, but it demonstrate that the architecture is compatible with the AMP, also no Bottle necking occurred.  

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Some additional info on top of this, is that if you have a GSync compatible panel in your laptop, you will have to connect an external monitor to the Amp.  There is no way for the system to send the video to internal display with these systems.  GSync systems connect the internal panel directly to the nVidia GPU, bypassing the Intel HD GPU.  Since when the Amp is working, the internal nVidia GPU is disabled, there is nothing connected to the internal display, you get a black screen.  If you have an Optimus system, all video is routed through the Intel GPU, which is connected to the internal display, and will continue to work fine with the Amp.

Good luck!

Rich S.

Thank you so much! I couldn't get this to work on my own then came across your post and got it working first try! =)

Are you going to install new drivers every time you disconnect your laptop?

hi do i need to install the AGA driver? i have a alienware 15 r4 thanks in advance