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Fix your website please

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The old website looked a little dated, but it worked. It was user friendly.  

With this new site design, it seems like someone tried to reinvent the wheel and failed.  Maybe it works well on mobile. I don't know because I browse websites on my nice big monitor, like all your other PC gamer customers.  I do know it looks really amateurish on my monitor. It's like there was a theme, and someone who is not a web designer tried to stuff your website into that theme.  

  • All the blocks are massive, so I have to look at one thing at a time (like I would expect if I had limited screen real estate as a mobile user)
  • In some places of the site, text overflows out of the  bounding box
  • In some places the text is too difficult to read on the bright background
  • The menus are hidden away
  • Buttons for simple things like creating new threads aren't where they logically should be
  • It's difficult to find anything

I could go on, but honestly do I need to?  This is obvious stuff and I can't understand how this site design was approved, and why the outcry over it is being ignored.

Antworten • 7

I agree that this new layout is just way less user friendly... At least for those of us that are used to the old system. -_-'

Yup, the more I use it, the more surprised I am that they are going to keep rolling with it. There's even dead links.  Very sloppy.