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Issue with Alienware A51m

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my brand new alienware A51m is freezing from time to time , like hanging for a few seconds, it is random.

I know its not normal, I have been searching for a fix, but so far nothing that works.

I would like to know if the problem is from alienware .. or from windows 10?

would like / need to know if anyone is having / experiencing these issues...


and how to fix it

it is annoying and frustrating

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Isn't your Disk or CPU usage at 100% on the task manager?? Also I'd scan with malwarebytes just to make sure there isn't a CPU hogger there.. hope it helps! 

thanks elpitaya

overcloacking is at 4.1 so it keeps between 45 to 75 degrees at max.

malwarebytes clean 100%


image of my pc:

(I don't know how to upload an image here)


Karate7 - 

This may be an issue related to the USB Power sub-system.  The goal of the sub-system is toe help stop or detour unruly USB devices from wasteful energy usage.  - You can follow the directions at this Windows 10 USB Power

Page as instructed by Windows Central. 

This doesn't always work - The next steps will be tedious and I have seen positive results.  The issue appears to be related to something getting installed prior too or in need of something that was not installed. 

The Help Desk Geek - Offers these instructions for USB power management through the Device Manager - Keep in mind you will need to complete the instructions for every line item or USB Device at the Root - Once you've done that you can start enabling one at a time and test the system. When your computer gets unstable, then you have found the possible device or software package that is causing the issue - It could be more.  

The suggestion after locating the culprit is to reinstall that particular driver over and use as normal. 

Many More and More Many

.... did the USB power stuff but nothing different same frozen screen from time to time

I am so sad with this situation.

I have been doing everything that people are saying in some forums but nothing has been useful.

same flickering ... same hanging ... same freezing screen

the latest was someone suggesting in disconnecting the touchpad for good.

and another one was des-assembling the laptop and then reinstalling windows without all the alienware stuff...


I know that I have seen the "hanging" that you speak of, on my own AW Area-51m.  I cannot tell you how I was able to get it to go away.  There appear to be 2 different USB controllers on the Area-51m The Intel USB xHCI Compliant Host Controller 
and the NVIDIA USB Type-C Port Policy Controller - One of the things that I noticed that might have helped is when I did a "clean install" of Windows 10 I actually did all of the Motherboard related device install (Intel Specific) first and then I did the Nvidia Installation - 

First Make a System Restore Point - 

  1. Uninstall the USB Drivers from Device Manager - Be User to select the option to delete drivers. 
  2. Uninstall the Nvidia Drivers (All) from Device Manager - 
  3. Download and Install the "Intel-Serial-IO-Driver_M31NN_WIN_30.100.1841.2_A02_03.EXE" Package from Dell
  4. Reboot the Laptop - 
  5. Download and Install the "nVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-1660Ti-2060-2070-2080-Driver_NWXY1_WIN_26.21.14.3169_A03.EXE" Package from Dell
    1. Be Sure to Select the "Clean Install" option
  6. Reboot

If the Issue Continues I would try narrowing down the number of USB devices that you have connectected.  First Step would be to remove any USB Hubs that are being used.  Especially if the Hub runs on system power and does not have it's own power source.  In the process of testing each USB Device seperately you might find the offending device that is some how freezing the system when doing a refresh.  

Hope this Helps..