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Second RMA or Suck it up? m17 UHD 60hz 17-9750H RTX2070 32 GB 512 m.2

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Just received my replacement m17 yesterday. This was sent because my first one arrived with a loose fan and back light bleed out of the box. I booted the replacement up today and there is back light bleed on this one too. It is not as pronounced but very clearly there. I've seen on forums that this is common on AW machines but it feels like it should not be for a $2500 machine. Question is, should I RMA this one too and if so, give up on AW or ask for a third one. I've also seen a few posts saying the bleed will improve with time but that does not make sense. Worth waiting? Worth trying again? Or should I just move on from AW. Incredibly disappointed as I've wanted this machine literally forever. 

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Howdy mzaiman,


I can only speak from my experience, but I purchased an Alienware 17 R3 a few years ago (2015 if memory serves), that had blacklight bleed on a UHD display.  I was very concerned, because as you said these are expensive machines, and this seems to be a quality control issue.  I hem-hawed over it for a few days (you can actually find the messages I posted here on it, if you search), and decided to do the RMA.  The replacement system was a process to get, but when I finally got it, it too had the bleed.  I decided that since I was under warranty I would wait it out, and do it later if necessary.  However, over time the bleed did seem to subside.  It never went away, but became much less noticeable.  From what I understand, the plastic bezel around the screen does not have even pressure around the whole screen, which is what leads to the bleed.  Over time, it stretches out, and seals better.  Good luck!

Rich S.