CS:GO Releases new Operation Shattered Web after more than two years

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        In Counter Strike: Global Offensive,  an Operation is an "Event" that are held occasionally and can be accessed through purchasable expansion packs in the form of "operation passes." With this passes grants operation specific that missions . Completing these challenges rewards the player with XP and the ability to upgrade the operation "coin ", get skins or cases as a reward. Last Operation was Operation Hydra in 2017. After over 2 years Valve introduced Operation Shattered Web. It operates similarly to the previous operations and introduces new character models and a battle pass system.



        Operation Shattered Web different from the previous Operations. The operation unlocks various T and CT-sided characters called agents equip able on any map. These characters and are available to players as mission progress rewards. Players will be able unlock new characters by earning stars also these characters are Tradable and Marketable. This update also moves towards calling the models as agents rather than Ts or CTs. In addition to their unique look, Master Agents have special voice lines and animations.


New Weapons

        This Operation brings several Operation Shattered Web Weapon Cases, along with weapons from three brand new weapons collections featuring designs from community artists. A new knife collection Shattered Web knives was also released consisting of 4 brand new knives and many weapon skins. Three new skin collections, The Norse Collection features designs by The Honey Badger, The St. Marc Collection features designs by Chemical Alia and The Canals Collection features designs by Teo~ were also released. All these skins are available for purchase from Steam market.


        Each week, you'll get access to new missions in various CS game modes including the cooperative Guardian Guardians mission and an all-new strike mission. Missions are available to all players, but you will need Operation Pass to cash in on your rewards.

New Maps

  • The studio was added to the Scrimge and Casual Sigma Map groups.
  • The forest was added to the danger zone.
  • Lunacy added for Flying Scoutsman.
  • Zoo and Seaside have been removed.
  • Cache has been moved from Scrimmage to Competitive Matchmaking


  • A ramp added to the final stage of scaffolding, no more jumping up
  • Connected corridor to back of A with CT elevator room
  • Widened top of mid
  • Offset doors from CT spawn and to CT elevator room
  • A site CT death funnel was made to be a small, widend site area
  • Large block removed in CT spawn
  • Moved A ramp sandbag to allow jumping  up
  • Various bug and clipping fixes

Danger Zone

  • Added killfeed icon for automated sentry
  • Automated sentries now fire M249 bullets
  • A new, community-made Danger Zone map called Jungle was added to the rotation.

Weapon Price Changes

  • Returned price of SG553 to $3000.
  • Reduced the price of FAMAS to $2050 and Galil to $1800.
  • Improved full-auto spraying accuracy of FAMAS and Galil.


End-of-Match Accolades

        End-of-match Accolades are something that has been added to this new update. After the end of the match each player will receive praise according to the performance of the match. 


        Operation Shattered Web is priced at $ 15 and will run through its mission for 16 weeks with a new set of missions to be unlocked every week. For more details visit http://www.counter-strike.net/shatteredweb


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