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Making people post for ARP makes for shitty forums

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I'm new here, but it looks like its mostly useless to click on a topic, because 100 people post "Nice" in reply just to get ARP. 


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Indeed. Wish they would give more quests or other methods to gain ARP. Like maybe for instance if you watch some videos for required amount of time you gain a point.

Yeah I agree, I've been member of this forum since 2013, using it for useful stuff, but never actually posted anything. And every time I get back I see stuff like this.

Normally the spam isn't this bad.


It seems the WoT giveaway is super popular and the new users don't understand you can't earn ARP from replies.

I have to say, so far I am not finding the forums useful due to the amount of posts that are just there to increase ARP. Much the same as this one, but using more words.

haha. This is not a spam response, I genuinely agree