Black Survival: Eternal Return 4th Alpha Test Key Giveaway

Join the 4th Alpha test of Black Survival:Eternal Return! Starting December 11th 4pm PST! 

The Alienware Arena community is invited to join the 4th Alpha test happening on December 11th 4pm PST and lasting for a couple of days.

Do not miss the chance to test the new character Zahir, the follower of Azrael, and all other previous characters. Dr. Wickeline will also be searching for you in the shadows.

About Black Survival: Eternal Return:
Fend for yourself and defeat other survivors in unique and exciting top-down Survival Battle Royale gameplay. 

Choose a cool hot-dressed character with unique skills, battle style, survival tricks, and variety of weapons. Play with the rookie cop Aya, the serial killer Jackie, the bike gang leader Magnus and many more.

Devise your own strategies with each character, and each weapon specialty. Get ready to engage in close combat, long-ranged attacks, or even sneaky treacherous ambushes.

Search and craft instruments of survival that will allow you to be the last one standing. Make sure to craft your best equipment, but also food and drinks to keep you alive. Do not forget to use traps and cameras to have an extra advantage.

Survive until the end. Make sure you stay strong until the very last moment until the other 14 players get eliminated, hunt down the wild animals in your way, but be careful, this time there is a new menace roaming free on the island… 

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