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Area 51 R2 Won't move past AW logo

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I was trying to update my BIOS from 1 to 14 to prepare my system to update from 7 to 10 but the update caused a issue to the first motherboard that would not allow the system to move past the AW logo.  The CTRL ALT DELETE keys would work but nothing else and even after a CMOS reset no dice.  I then messaged Dell support and after paying a fee for the unwarranted system (This was obtained back in 2015) they sent a technician with a new MB over ot my house and replaced it however while it could get past the boot  logo and the F2 and F11 keys would display it would not go into BIOS or boot to windows.  The technician labeled it as unresolved and told me to call Dell the next day so that they would send another board as he deemed it DOA.  The service said they would send another board and technician but as of know my service request tells me "There's a delay in your part as its unavailable.  We are working on your request."  And while I sent a request f an update on the Service request page I am not able to do text chat with Dell these past two days.  Tomorrow I will call them directly to ask whats up but still I want to know if anyone can figure out what went wrong with the 2nd motherboard as after a CMOS reset on that it now does the same thing as the previous one did where I can't boot past the AW logo even after pulling the battery out for 15 seconds.    If I have to is it possible to replace the motherboard with a new one on the market right now?

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