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How to implement YouTube videos in articles?

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I'm wondering how we can implement YouTube videos in the gaming articles we write?

I don't see a ready to click button for YouTube videos or I must be overlooking it big time. So, I tried to use the iFrame function we have, but apparently the iFrame part, the video, gets deleted when I publish the article. The same happens with the <div> function. After publishing the article, the <div> part is gone. Even writing everything in source code and adding the iFrame code where the video is supposed to come, doesn't do the trick. When I change from source code to WYSIWYG, I can see the iFrame red box, but after publishing the article, the video isn't there.

As you can see I'm not a noob at this. I know how to write in source code HTML5. The only solution I have is just implementing the URL of the YouTube video in my articles as simply a URL to click on. People then get redirected to the YouTube video on YouTube itself. Is that how we have to do it? Or am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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As I know the possibility to embed youtube videos in posts or replies is still disabled (since last summer I think). Its only possible in the multimedia boards.