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Foro español

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Seria bueno y ayudaría mucho a la expancion de la comunidad de Alienware la inclucion de un foro para los usuarios de habla hispana que quieran conocer y comunicarse entre ellos, mas allá de la traducción de la pagina al español completo para poder comprender de mejor manera los contenidos propuestos por alienware, si es que es esto posible seria una gran herramienta de expancion.

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Hello! Alienware Arena, unfortunately, cannot accommodate all the different languages of the world in creating a board for that language. If we did that, we would have thousands of boards, and then thousands of topics in each of those boards. It would get very confusing and separate each discussion by a language barrier. The majority of people know English, or use English as a second language. We don't offer other languages besides English because we want to make the forums available for everybody to use and interact with one another.