Project Genesis - Free to keep for Alpha testers

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Press release from Oscar at Project Genisis:


We're looking for participants to help test our multiplayer capacity.

So we’re opening access until April 24th

  1. Visit the Project Genesis website

  2. Create an account

  3. Check and verify your email

  4. Follow through the link for your unique Steam key

  5. Connect to the correct BETA of our title by following the instructions in your profile

Hi everyone, I'm Oscar and have been working with my team on this game - sharing this in hopes that you'll play and share your thoughts!

In Project Genesis, space combat means simultaneously battling ships (in 3rd person) and close quarters (in 1st person).

We wanted to fly ships without missing out on action aboard. Something closer to the shooter genre than flight sims. So we discovered “Breach and Board” where you fire an “assault pod” into a capital ship or space station, sending the player from flight into FPS combat.

Game loop summary:

  • Elect spawn as character avatar (FPS) or warship (TPS)

  • Defend base structures or attack enemy defenses

  • Breach and board enemy strongholds

  • Clear objectives once onboard for victory

Still early in development but with more core systems in place, we just added:

  • Turrets aboard capital ships for player controlled defenses against combat ships

  • Three character-classes

  • New FPS weapons, throwables and a melee option

  • Multiple modes: “Dominion” where you hold objective locations and score according to time versus “Detonation” where you infiltrate and bomb a capital ship’s reactor room

Game development is hard. You know that! And when developing a multiplayer PVP, it’s equally challenging to find enough participants to playtest your work.

Thanks again for checking us out and especially thank you for playing our work. It’s why we do this. And building on player feedback drives us.


Confirmation on the reddit thread you'll get to keep the key:

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