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Aurora R8 Partitioned HD not launching games

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Brand new to this. Ive installed AC Odyssey and COD WW2 on my new Aurora on a partitioned HD. 

Games wont launch from ACC, says Launching then nothing happens. I have tried launching from the Steam and Uplay clients also and same thing. 

Each game has launched once and once only. Restarted a few times, machine has plenty of RAM and CPU but the games dont launch.

Is this because I set up on a partition? Would that not be recommended for an Alienware?
Any ideas appreciated.


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Howdy OCainte,

Having a partition or not, should not effect a game?  Did you create the partition BEFORE or AFTER you installed the game?  If you set the games up, and then partitioned your disk (which changes the drive letters) that could prevent the game from launching, because it wasn't able to find it.  If you paritioned AFTER you installed the games, try re-installing them to your partition and see if that fixes it.  Good luck!

Rich S.

Hi LinkRS

Thanks for the reply. I partitioned first and then installed the games.

Not so much of an issue now as AC is pretty much ll I play and that seems happy enough as long as uPlay is running.

I did find that killing COD from Task Manager and relaunching seemed to help but I'm pretty happy with how it's all going now.

Cheers for the reply