What's this? BDO has PVP Tournies???Oh, I

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BDO Heidel At home ? and Answers concerning PVP :In regards to PvP content, we’ve added and improved Team Battle, Final Battle, and Arena of Arsha after the introduction of the Red Battlefield. As for Red Battlefield, we’ve added rewards, including Combat EXP, so you can still somewhat grow your character and farm while doing it. At the early stages of Black Desert, there were 1:1 and 3:3 matches akin to ranking matches, but they weren’t enjoyed by many Adventurers, so we ended up completely removing them. Recently though, more and more Adventurers have requested for the past ranking matches. We are currently developing Thornwood Battlefield, but afterwards, we will look into our Adventurers’ feedback, and promise to continue to gradually expand on more action-packed and thrilling content for PvP-loving Adventurers.

 Are there any plans for a PvP mode where players are equipped with the same level of gear?  
A. We currently don’t have any plans for such a PvP mode yet. We want to focus on PvP content that rewards the effort Adventurers put into growing their characters. Black Desert is an MMORPG, which means it is a game where Adventurers strive to become stronger through their hard-work and efforts. We plan to continue to stay loyal to this basic philosophy. Of course, we will continue to implement a variety of features such as Olvia servers, Season servers, Tuvala gear, etc. to help new Adventurers starting out to get stronger faster, and if they put in a certain level of effort, be able to be on a similar playing field with existing Adventurers.

Q. Can you share your thoughts on changing up the current meta of PvP in Black Desert? Because I think that there should be a diverse choice on the stats that you put in on your character, unlike now where evasion is a step above. I think creating a diverse set of choices can make Adventurers choose their weapons, armors, and accessories more differently.   
Q. The current meta is for evasion gear, which is stronger than damage reduction gear, so I want to ask your thoughts about the gap between evasion and damage reduction gear.

A. To be frank, this is what we debate about the most internally. Black Desert’s evasion system at its core will ignore an opponent’s attack all together, which makes accuracy incredibly important from the opponent’s perspective. However, while accuracy can be gained from gear, there also exists a discrepancy depending on the skill effects of each class. What we’re considering is giving all classes more basic accuracy, along with changing the accuracy number for skill effects, so there isn’t that much of a gap between skills, and changing evasion from avoiding all damage to some damage (e.g. evading takes only 1/10 of damage instead). As for damage reduction, we are discussing various possibilities, including supplementing defensive skills with additional effects like with accuracy or even a formula of maximizing damage reduction effects through add-ons.       

However, we haven’t been able to easily come to a decision due to how much of an impact they have to the game. Even though we haven’t decided upon what exact method we’ll take, we won’t give up, and we’ll continue holding discussions until we come to an answer. If you have any good suggestions like these questions, please feel free to submit a ticket to our Support, and we’ll read them all closely.     

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Yeah, you used to have to invest your existance into Black Desert- fortunately, it's got so much offline leveling and variable gaming options that you can easily walk away for a year and come back with a half decent in game wallet. (I take breaks for 6 or so months-also I have 7 characters created-and come back with 100 mil or more in "family funds". Also- they have so many events that it's hard not to like the game.