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Alienware m14x Drivers

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I think it should be known there is a firmware update on the drivers site for the webcam drivers, but these are the wrong drivers, will update your drivers to hardwareID 6350 and the correct hardware id is 6430 there is no fix i could find online for this and have tried everything I could so i decided to order another webcam to replace it. So all in all someone should remove this from the list of drivers for the alienware m14x. 

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I installed the firmware on the site and started getting error 0xa00f4244 I ordered a new one and swapped it out. Like i said the firmware will update to the wrong hardware ID and break your webcam, I'm just stating its the wrong driver with a half a dozen other people who also installed that firmware and broke their webcam. Once I replaced the webcam the correct hardware id is 6430(not 6450) but the firmware will update your hardware id to 6350 and break the webcam. The intention of this post to hopefully remove that firmware from the site so someone else doesnt make the same mistake & if anyone does have the firmware for hardwareid 6430 it would be nice to have that on the site or a link to it. The webcam I had to replace was part# 04MYKF.