Apex Legends sees highest player engagement since Season 1

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During a recent earnings release from EA, they revealed Apex Legends Season 5 had its highest player engagement since Season 1, a term usually used to describe players who play regularly. Season 5 saw the introduction of the game's high society thief Loba, who, at the age of nine, witnessed the murder of her family at hands of Revenant. Loba is a looter's dream come true, as her abilities allow her to see high tier loot through walls, teleport to hard to reach places, and steal loot right from under an enemy's nose.

Season 5 also introduced a new PvE story mode, where the legends discovered a shocking link between the organization behind the Apex Games and a foe previously faced in Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends is free to play on PC and consoles, and is slated to receive crossplay later this year.

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FirebirdCS said:

Apex legends are still improving. Lifeline main btw

Definitely! Been having so much fun during season 5 and season 6's new legend looks awesome

bien, il y a des joueurs vraiment très fort....pas moi