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Encountering a weird glitch effect

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Ok bear with me, my support is starting to fizzle out with my labtop i own a alienware 15R3

The issue happens rarely, but when it does, it bugs me and i do not know how to recreate the problem because it happens without notice at random. i will be sitting on desktop, or when i got 1 or two applications up like discord

The issue is as follows: visual efffects- the screen would gitter, then a purple hue would slowly rise from the bottom of the screen, stopping half way, then repeat then do it again, Then the screen might dim at the corners, just hardly noticeable, and experience a glitchy after effect. it does not affect the computer performance what so ever. But also when the screen does this purple scan line thing, there is bearly a audible noise comping from the computer. Im quite scared and not sure whats happening, i dont know if its the screen or the GPU about to go bad.

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I'd be scared of my GPU and CPU, also check your temperatures