Vapor chamber Cooling --- What is it and how does it work ?

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Anyone who is into High-end gaming on a notebook has heard of "Vapor Chamber", but what is Vapor Chamber Cooling and how does it work? Vapor Chamber Cooling describes a method of cooling that takes heat pipes to the next level, it replaces your heat pipes or incorporates them to amplify cooling power. Let's breakdown what advantages it brings to the table and fully grasp how it works.

There are two likely ways to dissipate heat from a CPU. The conventional way of using a heat pipe model or now you can opt for the highly regarded Vapor Chamber model, let's talk through each model and how they work. First we have Heat pipes, these heat pipes work by simply housing a liquid inside which evaporates into a gas when it gathers enough heat. This rising gas than moves the heat as far from the CPU while it condenses back into a liquid where it is directed back to the bottom using capillarity.

Vapor chambers pretty much use the same concept, but they have a different style when it comes to design. Rather than using separate pipes, a vapor chamber uses its entire body to cool the CPU. Its flat structure allows heat to be transferred evenly through a very small amount of space(you can think of a vapor chamber as a “flat” heat pipe). This is an advantage in situations where you have, um let's say a Desktop CPU crammed into a Notebook. Inside a vapor chamber is a series of small posts that keep the structure from collapsing under exterior atmospheric pressure (The entire thing is air-tight). The posts double in helping the liquid flow to where it is needed to go. Vapor chambers are much more efficient, dissipating up to 2000 Watts of heat in an area of around four square centimeters.

But are there any disadvantages?----In this particular instance there are no readily admissible disadvantages to using a vapor chamber compared to using a heat pipe.The only disadvantage I could think of honestly is the fact that the technology is more expensive. If you’re packing a CPU that doesn’t need such a cooling boost, you’re really not going to get a true advantage and it just might not be worth it. On the other hand, you should always weigh the demands of your CPU (and any future CPU you may use) when buying a cooler rather than going for whatever fancy technology is currently trending. If you want to really future-proof your system, though, vapor chamber cooling provides the potential heat dissipation you need to make sure you’re ready for anything.

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Good, it seems that the cooling capacity is high.