Neverwinter Dragon Roar Pack Key Giveaway

Redeem your Dragon Roar Pack!

The Dragon Roar Pack includes:

  • Dragon Roar Emote
  • Reroll tokens
  • Stone of Health


  • PC-only
  • Bound to account on pickup
  • The pack can be claimed once per redemption from the Rewards Claim Agent
  • These codes will expire on 12/31/2023.

About Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale:

Galvanized by an ancient prophecy, Valindra Shadowmantle and the Cult of the Dragon have established a ritual site deep in the Sword Mountains, where they plan to construct a powerful spell that will bring undeath to all the dragons of Faerun. As a Hero of Neverwinter, you will need to rally the forces of Protector’s Enclave and lead the charge against Valindra before it’s too late! Survive the rise of the Dracolich in Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale!