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Restrict the Giveaway section to the accounts with Phone number

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Unfortunately AWA giveaways are abused by bot accounts and there are hundreds of them on the site.
Just look at the Top Earners This Week list:

It's full of bot accounts, you can see more on the Weekly or Monthly Leaderboard...
For instance that qhoneygg1 is just the first one of a 50 bot account series: qhoneygg1, qhoneygg2, ..., qhoneygg50

Giveaways are being stolen by these accounts and I think the easiest and most effective solution would be to restrict the giveaway section to the accounts with verified Phone number
I hope this won't be ignored, because with the new ARP system it's even easier to level up the bots in a very short time. Most likely this problem will just get worse soon.

Antworten • 10

I'd agree that but I can't get confirmation SMS no matter what so idk about this


I see this usually time I come for giveaways All out! 
There are no more keys left in this giveaway!

I think capatca verification, +20 level aw, sms notification and steam connection must be required. If these happen, bots will be greatly reduced. Also, it would be nice to have a panel that announces when the giveaways will start. 

Vampire Queen

I remembered they had tried this once before if my memory serves me correctly. But it was never being a requirement again since then.

Nothing special

Well the last time I able to get any game from AWA is Dead by Daylight DLC last year. Sad but true there is no privileage for us Master member.

coolng said:

Well the last time I able to get any game from AWA is Dead by Daylight DLC last year. Sad but true there is no privileage for us Master member.

Yes, I know it was what they promised in the past, but that is another topic. I'm talking about resellers who are using hundreds of bots to get keys from the giveaways. That is why people who have only 1 account on this site get nothing.
Btw, using phone number verification can also solve multi account problem. It is not as bad as bots but I'm sure a lot of people also have two, three, four or more accounts.

KatayKhan said:

I'd agree that but I can't get confirmation SMS no matter what so idk about this

I understand that can be annoying for some people, but it is a technical problem. It can be solved by AWA staff manually or they can fix the cause of the problem or maybe add a call option etc. 


I like the OP's proposal - it would make it much harder for bots to profit off giveaways.  I'd go one step further and suggest that giveaways also become a lottery rather than first-come-first-served.  24 hours for all AWA members to enter.  Draw for the Master's pool of keys, then all Masters who didn't win one go into the general pool.  Then draw the remaining keys from the general pool.  This rewards Masters by giving them two shots at a key.  You could even go further and reward each Mastery level with an additional entry into the lottery...

Right now the system is not only overrun by bots, but it's unfair to AWA members in the "wrong" time zones.   They wake up to see there was a giveaway and all the keys were taken before they even realized it was happening.


I regularly come on and when i login all keys are gone - within a time that i am not available due to international times.  Please find better ways of getting new keys etc out as well as authentication via telephone numbers will help


Standard Space Mammal

I would happily activate phone identification if it becomes mandatory for accessing giveaways or the new 'marketplace'. Why Alienware doesn't hunt and remove bots accounts is a total mystery to me: it's unhealthy for the community and quite easy to detect (lazy names like in OP screenshot, daily IP, etc.)

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

Not even Steam made phone identification mandatory. Reasons are manifold and looking at AWA: if they can barely get their act together in maintaining the site as is then good luck with adding more complexity.

Would it help against multiaccounts/bots? Maybe but I know of Chinese sites offering any amount of working phone numbers for very little money and there are shady answering services in place too... aaand there are peeps without the luxury of reliable cell coverage or even those who don't own a phone. Imagine that...