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Deep Dive Contest to win a Game

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven
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I can't offer you ARP for playing a Steam game but a chance to win a Steam key. To give you enough time for exploration the contest will be live from now until 24th February 24:00 UTC. That's why I don't open a thread in the Community Giveaway sub-forum as it's against the 72 hour rule.

This is how I thought  this deep dive contest would make sense:

To verify your position on the leaderboard write in your comment the Steam account you want to participate with.

Play and edit your comment with a screenshot of the in-game leaderboard. Before you ask it's free to play.

The game is prone to crash from time to time but don't worry it will remember the depth you reached before it crashed. To make it not too easy a monster is lurking in the abyss and will kill you if you don't pay attention.


The 10 best divers will receive a link to a SteamGifts invite only giveaway for Prey(2006) open for 24 hours after the end of the contest via private message on AWA.

Steam forum page 

So the chance to actually win the game is 1:10 for the best divers. You must have a SteamGifts account to participate in the giveaway obviously.


If you win you'll be immortalized on the leaderboard and be a member of the Prey(2006)  Steam owners club

If you don't win you can still buy the game for very cheap on grey market sites. In this case it's the only way to still get the game besides outright piracy.


Why am I doing this? Well, I thought we might have some fun and Prey(2006) is a game I like very much and want to see played by as many people as possible. Besides I take a vow to buy the 20,000 Miles Under the Sea soundtrack DLC to show some appreciation to the devs for ab(using) their game. laugh


Prey(2006) review

To run the game on modern systems with enhanced graphics and resolutions up to 4K

optional HD texture mod




key sent to




Antworten • 4
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Whelp, I guess actually making a fun contest where people have to put some work into it is old school. Sorry to see nobody has entered so far my friend :(

As you know I started my diving adventure when I saw you playing it and I really wanted to see how far I could go, but the crashes were a constant bother and thus I decided to suicide to the monster and go back to the ughh.. lower depths (?) to at least get my missing Steam achievements by finding more fishies.

I think this was a great idea, so please don't feel discouraged and keep up the good work :)

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I'm over 1000 metres but it keeps crashing, maybe i'll reach something good crash after crash :D

*edit: passed the 2000 mt mark AND missing 5 fishes atm. saved and exit to continue later :D


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Really generous of you to do this, although despite wanting to enter for Prey i can't because i'm away from home right now! Thanks for making the effort though and good luck with the competition.

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Game decided to crash near a bad fish nest, so i couldn't avoid it and died at this depth. rip.

Steam id: An4chr0n