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Huge Problem with my Microphone ( AW920H, X17R2, Win11)

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I got my X17R2 pre installed with windows 11 and thought this shouldn't be that bad.. 
But more and more i have smaller but very annoying issues withit. 

My Microphone has an effect like Sound suppression. The best way to explain is: if i test the mic ( hearing my self at the Driver Setings) and say "test test test test" rapidly the mic (or win) adjust the mic down till it reached zero. 

When i am in Discord and Talk to other people and there is any noise around me, the Mic will adjust to zero. I guess to avoid other people of hearing other noises, but at the same time that means that my voice is also not hearable. So while playing a game and the laptop fans getting louder, im not understandable because the Mic thinks there are so many noises to adjust....

I hope you get an idea what i mean.

I reinstalled the drivers and even testet the issue with the build in Laptop Mic - same issue. 
It is like there is noone out there with the same problem, but i can not be the only one. I dont know where to search anymore. 

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well... i thought i have a solution but turns out it hold only for an evening... i played around with deactivate pre installed drivers like (Intelligo Audio processing objects) and also deleted the Alienware Command Center. I don't know why it worked for a short time and why it is back.. but it is annoying! 

Support is also not willing to answer my requests.. 

I'm having the same issue!!! At first I thought it was just my machine and tech support sent over multiple things to try to fix it along w/ some other issues. I got a different machine with the same issue!!!

Same issue here, just bought a new alienware X15 R7 laptop and exactly the same behavior, alienware you need to address this, not at all acceptable for such a high priced laptop`!!!!!


Had the same horrible microphone issue which obviously can't be fixed by service desk tards and laptop replacements...what works...install windows 10 downgrade and in fact your alienware license is good for windows 10 home! so you don't even have to mess with the license as it will pick it up from the microsoft account that is associated to you.

1. Get a USB flash drive and run the microsoft media creation tool here and pick the USB flash drive install option and let it do its thing.

2. Copy the drivers from alienware for the wifi or ethernet or both and put them on the USB flash drive.

3. Reboot to the bios and hit F2 and in the bios set the sata mode from raid to ahci mode.

3. In the bios set the USB flash drive as the first boot device in the list. 

4. Reboot and you should now be in the windows 10 installer.

5. Because you are setup to use sata in ahci mode you can see your NVME SSD M.2 drives and now simply delete the partions and format then continue and windows will now install on that wonderful SSD drive.

6. During the windows install you will not have any drivers working for the network so just continue and as it will allow you to setup later.

7. Once in windows install your wifi/ethernet drivers.

8. Reboot and you will be able to connect to the internet where you can now allow windows update to pick up most of the latest drivers including the latest REALTEK drivers that actually work!

9. Tinker with drivers from the vendors like intel's driver support utility to get things really nice and stable and of course latest nvidia laptop drivers or amd ... make sure they are for the laptop versions of the GPU.

10. You can install alienware control center stuff for the lighting effects on the laptop but surely not all the other bloatware!

-- Feel free to try and add more tips here if needed.


Good luck!