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15 R4 AGA issues

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Hello everyone, I've recieved my fully repaired 15 r4 3 weeks ago and wanted to boost it with the amplifier combined with a aorus 2080 ti and plugged it in all seemed fine the control light is green on the amplifier and the card runs and the lights are on like it should be if i turn on the laptop but the command center and the device manage doesn't show the card and if i plug in any hdmi or displayport it simply stays black on screen or says no device connectet on my tv . So ive tried to uninstall every grafics driver with a ddu and also reinstalled windows 10 completely twice but i cannot get the amplifier to show up and theres no help in any forum for the 15 r4 , only for 15 r2 r3 and if i try to run the driver thats for the r2 & r3 it says it's not compatible. I am using the latest bios 1,2 and the latest dell & alienware updates with the H8750 and gtx 1080 max Q

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Howdy Landinali,

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make with the AGA, is to not use Dell/Alienware drivers, and use a tool like DDU to clean them up.  The drivers you download from nVidia or AMD do not contain the information needed to enable the AGA, and if you remove the Dell/Alienware drivers, you will have problems gettign the AGA to work.  What you should do is, first make sure that you install all of the AGA software and GPU drivers from under your service tag.  Once you have those (likey old GPU drivers) installed, and working.  See if you can get the AGA to function.  If it works, then download the most recent 2080 TI driver form nvidia, and install it over the top of the Dell drivers (do not do a clean install, and do not remove the old drivers first).  Make sure that the driver that you download is compatible with the 1080 Max Q as well (typically done by downloading and installing the mobile version of the nvidia driver).  This will leave the AGA information installed, and give you the most recent GPU drivers.  Good luck!

Rich S.