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M14x keyboard help

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Hi all, new to the forum and after some advice. I've got an alienware m14x r1 as a project laptop and it requires some parts, which despite looking on forums/ebay/YouTube videos I've got a bit stuck on a couple of bits. The laptop is working, but the keyboard only certain keys work, I've read that these can be a weak point. My question is does the m14x r2 keyboard fit the r1? There is a seller near me for an r2 but when I asked could not tell me if it would fit the r1. I'm also missing the dvd drive, I understand these are mainly generic? I know I need a 9.5mm drive with no facia/slide out tray, but getting a sata ribbon cable again is difficult. Are these generic amongst laptops or has anyone got a suggestion for easy to source ones that are not over priced

Thanks for reading and your help in advance. 

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It will be hard to find a ribbon cable for the Optical drive, they don't come up often as a spare part. 

The R2 keyboard will physically fit and it will actually work, for a while. It seems that they will start to do weird things soon though. I'm not sure why this is but I've seen it happen with the M17x/M18x keyboards and I believe it's the same with the M14x. The R2 keyboard will have a different colour plastic tab on the ribbon cable from the R1 (I think the R2 is green and the R1 is blue). You can try it though. 

I'm assuming you're in the US but if you're in Australia by any chance then let me know, I may have an R1 keyboard in my spare parts.