The Steam Awards 2022 Winners

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The Steam Awards, founded in 2016, are awarded based on 100% community votes. Valve picks the categories (which shift throughout the years) and allows just about anybody to nominate just about any game in the name of democracy. Valve weighs in the results and then allows users to vote on the top 5 nominees for each category for a window of time before the final announcement is made. You can view the official winner list (including nominee runner-ups) at the official Steam site. Like most community-based awards, the winners are often based on the most fervent fanbases, and, unsurprisingly, that makes some cult classics like FromSoftware, CD Projekt Red, and Hideo Kojima games sweep awards. (Not saying Elden Ring doesn't deserve the love but, well, it's a little predictable at this point, no?) Read the list below for the category winners.

2022 - The Steam Awards Winners

Game of the Year: Elden Ring

VR Game of the Year: Hitman 3

Labor of Love: Cyberpunk 2077

Better with Friends: Raft

Outstanding Visual Style: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Most Innovative Gameplay: Stray

Best Game You Suck At: Elden Ring

Best Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VII Remake Interfrade

Outstanding Story-Rich Game: God of War

Sit Back and Relax: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Best Game On the Go: Death Stranding Director's Cut

What are your thoughts on the victors? Well deserved or over-hyped? I was personally surprised to see Cyberpunk and Death Stranding win their respective categories, and I likely would've gone a different direction-- but they don't pay me to hand out awards. 

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