Upcoming Maintenance and Update - Alienware Homepage

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Update: The new Homepage is live! We're going to continue to make changes to the rest of the site while we take in user feedback and testing data to inform our next updates. Thanks in advance for helping shape the site and providing insight.

Hello Aliens!

We’re excited to debut our newest homepage iteration aimed at clarity and efficiency. The update swaps our classic slider tiles for a single-view page that prioritizes the newest information. We’re hopeful that this will help provide a clearer look at what is happening at the site while improving the overall UI.

We will continue to make updates to the site based on user testing, feedback, and data.

The site will be down beginning at 5:00 PM (UTC) on 1/18/23 as our team implements the new homepage update. We hope to get the page back up and running as quickly as possible from there.

As we roll out the new homepage, we’re also looking towards the horizon and expanding our site capabilities. We plan on updating more sections and improving the UI throughout the year. 

As always, thank you to the Aliens who contribute to the site and community here. We’re always looking to make improvements and we’re happy to have you here.

On a final note, we have received some strange signals and our researchers are hard at work deciphering them. We’ll let you know what we discover soon™.

Strange signals inbound...

Happy gaming!

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Yikes, that's an AI generated image for the banner frown. I had my suspicions with the recent badge arts but it's clear now.


The only winning move is not to play
Hellbound Heathcliff said: 14m

hmmm... wondering if the 2fa loop was or will be fixed

Oh, so I am not the only one with that problem? Had it on both of my computers for the longest time, so I ended up just turning it off all together.