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Avatars must wear clothes suggestion. Male and Female aliens.

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I recommend that by default the aliens must wear a cloths item for shirt and pants.  Also could have male and female aliens.   To many nude aliens on the website it's like a nudist colony.  Some no tops, some a top and no bottoms it look weird and silly.  So with the update you could still remove in the editing screen but would have put another item on or it won't save.  

All the Aliens appear to be sexless as well, you could have female and male aliens as well but of course again I'd say require them to wear clothes for pants and shirt of some type.   

This whole avatar thing the way it is now is the most goofiest thing I ever seen really.   We all start of with naked aliens and we don't have to clothes on them.   Instead of puting pants and shirt in the inventory to be used if wanted it should be on the alien from the beginning and if you don't like it then you have buy other clothes to change it. 

Also if I was female and I'm not, I would be a little upset at the fact all the aliens are masculine male type aline models.  What if I want a fat alien to, or one with a beard.  I know they updated the colors and eyes of the aliens but really there is much better AWA could do with these avatars. 

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