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Bad as always

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And again error 504 then alienware site dosent work and game is out of stock. How much these keys you got 20? This is a joke.

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I agree after the site starts working all keys are taken, maybe from bots


Well midnight suns empty out really quick, apparently the other two aren't that popular.   I would have missed the key this time, it did load for me once but I couldn't click on anything and then when it finally did load it was out.  

I"m wondering what the server capacity is for this website 100 people?

Oh I see they are all out now, well i could have got Togges or starship troopers if I wanted but not Midnight Suns.   They are cheaping out on key quantities is my guess.   Togges has like 14 reviews in two months on steam and 2200 ARP for some goofy indie puzzlegame, empty, maybe that one had 25 keys or something, lol.



The tuxedo, the myth, the legend...

I grabbed the game the last two times. This time they were gone in less than 2 minutes. I did what I always did, but this time it *misteriously* all keys were gone, and I was on the page twice ready to grab it, the site just crashed.

It's a shame to wait after the announcement to be grinding points just for this bullshit to happen. 



**:00 site dead, error 500
**:01-02 first load, Midnight Suns stolen by mults)

The Terror That Flaps in the Night

Midnight Suns gone before the site would even remotely load for me, so no idea for how long it was "available" (lol).

Togges went out of stock within 5-6 minutes.

Starship Troopers went out of stock within 9-10 minutes.

m.A.A.d city

Crazy how bad this was lmao.. 504 Backend Error 12:00 to 12:02, and when it's back up Midnight Suns is already out.

The tuxedo, the myth, the legend...
FruitGoose said: 1m

Nice redesign tho

You still get screwed. But it looks nicer when it happens. smiley


Lets be real here they put the vault out there for advertising yet hide the quantity of keys from us...There could be 50 of each or some other really low number but we will never know.   All I know is even the crappier games empty out in a few min tells you there weren't many keys.


I able to get starship troopers before 504 error. It ask claim? I press then later 504 error, lucky I still able to get it. So 1 account can get 1 game only right? You can't get midnight sun and this right? Do they restrict 1 account 1 times per month? or some ppl can claim all 3 games?

I not understand why those using bot can grab so fast. They will alao facing error 504. The problem related to alienware rather than net speed on our side so assume our connect speed should be same as bot to alienware server, they can't always win right?