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Alienware 18 GPU Upgrade

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Can I upgrade to two GTX880Ms GPUs in my 18 to GTX980Ms?

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Yes. The 980M's were released with the last run of 18's so if you have one of the later BIOS' then you'll get full driver support from Nvidia. These are the last MXM cards that can run in SLI in the 18

The cost/performance for dual 980M's isn't great compared to running a single 1060 or 1070 since games don't utilise SLI anymore. You're better off just running a single 980M rather that two or spring for a 10 series.

You can also use a Quadro card like the mobile P4000 or even a Quadro RTX 3000 

Head to for a bit more information on upgrades.

Thanks. I asked this question as the current NVIDA drivers for the GTX880M do not support some of the newer games that are comming out. Which is forcing me to upgrade to GTX 980M or spend a lot more for a newer system. I would like to push that dicision out a few years as my 18 is still running strong.


You can learn to modify Nvidia drivers to add support for older cards to get around the games that force a certain driver version. 

It's not the best option as the driver isn't optimised for the older card but it usually works so you can at least play the game