Achievements "Hello, My Name is..." and "Picaso" don't work?

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as you can see in my profile, I've changed my avatar a lot, filled my bio and put a background image there. Yet, I didn't get these achievements. Am I doing something wrong or are they broken?

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There's a forum for bug reports. But some of the ones that have given me problems (excluding the friend ones) eventually caught up. Like, I got my collect-all-28-day-rewards achievement on the 12th of this month instead of, say, January 31st... when I earned it. There's no actual reward right now for completing them, so try not to spend too much energy worrying about it. 

Petra the Bookicorn said: 1h

I've got "Picaso" out of nowhere but not "Hello, My Name is..."

See what I mean? Hang tight, soon ain't soon.. but it is eventually