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Open Game Vault twice

Game Vault Redeemer
  • 5

Split the keys in half, and open the vault at 00:00 and 12:00 on a thursday or friday

This is to accomodate a wider range of timezones and give certain people a second chance if they miss, while keeping it on a "first come first served" basis

Antworten • 2
Fiction Harvester

There's no way to make it fair when it's first come first served.

The only way to make it fair is a lottery system. For example:

  • A week before the Vault opens, go to the Vault and click a game.
  • Instead of a "Claim" button, there would be an "Enter lottery" button.
  • You can enter the lottery for each individual game as long as you have enough ARP.  There could also be the possibility of entering a game's lottery multiple times if you have ARP to spare.
  • When the vault opens, each game has its own separate lottery.
  • If you win a game, you lose the ARP you spent to enter its lottery. For the games you did not win, you are refunded the ARP.
  • After the initial lottery, the Vault continues with the current behavior, letting you Claim any remaining games that were not won by lottery.



You'd never get anything with a lottery most likely, not a good idea.