Tchia is Available Now - Embark on a New Caledonia-Inspired Journey today!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to set off on your grand adventure with Tchia, our game’s heroine!

Her father was abducted by Meavora, the archipelago's tyrannical ruler, and her home was invaded by the Maano - the hordes of fearsome fabric foes that follow their rule. It’s on to you to rescue your father and end the tyrant’s reign once and for all!

With inherent Soul-Jumping powers at her disposal, Tchia can take control of almost any object or animal she can find to give her the edge in combat and traversal. From taking flight as a bird to reach mountain peaks, plunging to the ocean depths as a dolphin to setting Meavora’s mindless minions alight as a lantern, turn the environment into your ultimate tool!

Aside from her otherworldly abilities, Tchia’s pack is filled with other useful treasures, like her slingshot and ukulele. Take potshots at the Maano from afar or simply knock a coconut off a tree for easy possession with Tchia’s playful weapon of choice. If you need an extra mystical boost, bust out Tchia’s fully playable ukulele and summon animals, influence changes in weather and more with just a few chords. If there’s no need for action or change, you can always play any tune that comes to mind. We can’t wait for your cool videos showing off the songs you learnt

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It looks really good. I hope it releases on Steam as well.

(due to regional reasons I can't purchase games from Epic)