Untrusted Avatar Pack Key Giveaway

Welcome to the dangerous world of Untrusted, where the stakes are high and the outcome is always uncertain.

In Untrusted, role-playing, deception, and deduction are key aspects of the game. Untrusted now offers 27 playable classes and more than 100 skills!

This exclusive key will unlock:

  • Exclusive Rival Hacker Hallucination Avatar
  • 5000 In-Game Coins

About Untrusted:
Untrusted is an online multiplayer (10 to 16 players) hacking/social deduction game inspired by the Werewolf/Mafia genre and similar games. NETSEC members must use their skills and wits to outsmart the undercover AGENTs that will try each night to perform arrests or have other players become snitches for them.

Check out Untrusted on Steam or on itch.io!

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