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1. Product Quality
As one of the latest and most important game projects of IGG in 2023, Viking Rise adopts a unique Viking theme to fill the gap in the SLG mobile game market. The game is rendered by integrating both new graphic rendering and 3D modeling techniques, resulting in remarkable game quality.
From the super realistic characters to the stylistic scenes, the conflicting aesthetics display the beautiful art materials and resources used. With Viking elements that show off the toughness and ferocity of the culture, as well as film-level animation processing and character movement, the exciting aspects of Viking civilization will be brought to life.

2. Gameplay
Viking Rise is an online multiplayer, real-time war strategy game with free construction elements. Players take on the role of a Viking leader who is leading their tribe into the new world of Midgard. On this new continent full of dangers and opportunities, players can explore, plunder, hunt, and fight. Developing the tribe will earn them great wealth, fame, and power in this new continent. Players can form alliances with each other for assistance and to fight off invasions by competitors.

3. Product Features
3.1 Combination of Viking features and Norse mythology: 
There is currently a lack of Viking-themed SLG with Norse mythology at its core on the market. Viking Rise takes characteristics from both to fill in this void. Players can summon famous heroes in Viking history and Norse mythology to fight for them and join their tribe, using strategy and wisdom to conquer. With a goal of making their own Viking conquest, this will attract a large number of Viking and Norse mythology fans, and expand the audience for the game.

3.2 Management and development simulation: 
Unlike other SLG games, Viking Rise has an additional development simulation aspect, apart from the usual city management gameplay. The game environment is also programmed to reflect the real world by displaying the passage of time through day and night scenes as well as seasonal and weather changes. Players can freely recruit and send workers to collect, hunt, build, and other tasks. They can also choose to develop their village into either a commercial trade center, a resource hub, or a powerful military fortress. This unique development gameplay gives players flexibility to customize their own gameplay and increase user retention.

3.3 Naval combat and battles: 
In Viking Rise, a novel marching tool will be introduced, namely the “Drakkar Ship”. This ship allows players to march on water at a faster pace and truly explore the map in all directions. Players can also take advantage of the circuitous water routes to navigate, fight, and overtake their competitors on land. These will not only add to the fun of the game, but increase the various strategies that players can adopt.

3.4 Multiplayer boss dungeons and Divine Realm occupations: 
In order to enhance the social aspect of the game, Viking Rise will incorporate a multiplayer dungeon gameplay where players battle bosses and fight for Divine Realms. In this mode, organizing alliance members is necessary to control the battlefield, resist competition from hostile alliances, and win the battle. While maintaining the atmosphere of war, this dungeon gameplay gives players a sense of accomplishment while boosting social elements.

3.5 Placement decisions: 
Players can adopt suggestions from heroes during “Outdoor Meetings”, so that the system can automate operations such as completing the upgrading and building of troops. This reduces the time needed for players to manually manage the game and improves overall efficiency, increasing the player’s sense of identity with the game.
Game video: Viking Rise x Peyton Parrish MV

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