Viking Rise Game Pack Giveaway

As the leader of the Vikings, how will you lead your Tribe to explore, plunder, and conquer Midgard?

Claim your game pack and unlock:

  • Oracle Soulstone*1 
  • Blessed Soulstone*1 
  • Speedup (3h)*1

About Viking Rise:
Famous Heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history are waiting to help with your quest. Will you devise your strategies and summon your wits to use their power?
In this competitive global game, what enemies will you encounter? What friendships will you gain?

Viking Rise is an online multiplayer, world-building, real-time war strategy game. You play as the leader of the Vikings, guiding your Tribe toward the uncharted world of Midgard. Explore, plunder, develop, hunt, and fight your way across undiscovered lands full of hidden dangers and opportunities. Lead your Viking Tribe to rise in this new world as you accrue massive wealth, fame, and power. Form an alliance with other players, protect one another from invading opponents, and defeat all enemies to conquer Midgard!