I know there are people who sell or trade games in the Vault. Is it fair to those who really want the game? Are they within their rights to do business? Would it be better to have a system that could only be redeemed in your account, if that is possible? I read your opinions.
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04.20.2024 15:08:18 - ERRORTheUsernameIsAlreadyUsed -
I wouldn't be against such a system, but it's weird to say someone doesn't deserve the game because they'll sell it. It's a race and they''ve won, and whoever bought it is going to play
04.20.2024 17:13:58 - RaPtUrA -
That's sadly happening everywhere, it's people taking advantage of anything they can for their own monetary gain. It wouldn't even matter if it's allowed or not, people would do it anyway.
04.20.2024 17:22:11 - anonumos -
+1 to redeem the key directly into the linked steam account, if implemented corectly that will limit greatly the scalpers and bots
04.20.2024 18:12:18 - cAMPer069 -
I like this idea. Those who want to redeem game from vault should link their steam account, and if they redeem the game and doesn't activate then there should be some kind of penalty. Just like how community giveaway is operating now.
04.20.2024 18:22:19 - alexfrk -
Yes, it is fair. They are offering keys, the person worked/grinded for their points and got the key, as you already have the same opportunity to do so. What they do with the keys then it is not your business.
04.20.2024 18:24:55 - alexfrk -
1- Me for example, I'm only playing DBD at the moment. I used to get all the new DLCs here on giveaways, but they stopped giving them so I was just stuck with a bunch of points I wasn't using to redeem games I wouldn't play
04.20.2024 18:27:29 - alexfrk -
2- So just last vault I realized I could try to get a key for a game and then trade it for DBD DLC, and I got it, found someone who didn't have enough points for that game and wanted to trade it for DBD DLCs! How is that not fair?
04.20.2024 21:28:34 - pygmygoat -
I see a small distinction between those who sell games for a quick buck and those who trade for games that they're more interested in. I don't mind the latter so much.
04.20.2024 21:32:32 - pygmygoat -
I think Steam has a way to enable publishers to force games to be activated on a linked Steam account, but based on what I've read, there needs to be an agreement between the publisher and Steam. Not sure if AWA can negotiate such a deal.
04.21.2024 16:36:32 - BrandonUzumaki -
If a person get's one key and trade/sell it, ok no problem there, but the vast moajoirty of these "scalpers" have multiple bots, so they get 2-3 extra keys that they will sell, keys that could have gone to someone else, that's the problem.