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What do you think of the Civil War that Sony unleashed on Steam - another blow to democracy in Helldivers 2?
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05.04.2024 04:57:37 - anonumos -
I'm going to stick with helldivers 1, single player with no forced always online, no bullcrap account required, lower specs and lower price, base game+ all dlc
05.04.2024 05:06:10 - -
I just bought the game, and suddenly it's nosediving. Guess that's why the community event is failing hard right now.
05.04.2024 06:24:22 - Nirjor -
It's gonna take a small hit for sure. But most people are gonna eventually make an PSN account cause they can't refund this shit anymore anyway.
05.04.2024 07:04:14 - Dabahos -
This is bad, another big company that wants your personal information. However, the game is so good and fun, that I believe the community will keep playing to protect the democracy.
05.04.2024 07:19:12 - anonumos -
@Dabahos- nope, they don't want your info they want to artificially inflate the number of player which is counted as ps5+pc and also to save the ps5 version @Nirjor - agree
05.04.2024 09:26:48 - anonumos - page 9/22 chapter <<Game & Network Services Segment Supplemental Information >> Number of Monthly Active Users on PlayStation™Network, aka the real reason
05.04.2024 15:38:47 - BOB6969696969 -
i think there should be a civil lawsuit to sony not the developer or steam they been doing a lot of strange things its like the person running sony games area is a born again Christian that wants to police all there games even cloths?
05.04.2024 16:01:24 - anonumos -
@BOB6969696969-Civil lawsuit? On what grounds?!? There was no breach of contract. All was there in the plain sight from the beginning.
05.04.2024 17:34:03 - StompsDaWombat -
I don't own/play the game, so I don't really have a dog in the fight, but...I can see both sides. I feel like the decent thing would've been for Sony to work with Valve to offer refunds to anyone who bought the game on Steam.
05.04.2024 17:35:22 - StompsDaWombat -
Then anyone who was so mad about having to register/connect a PSN account that they'd stop playing the game could take the refund, the hours they got to play the game for free, and move on with their life.