Team Fortress 2 quest not working? TF2 is a free game, and I have over 2k hours in the game. Played a couple hours and still haven't gotten any progress.
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02.19.2024 19:56:02 - mktiger -
This same, i can't starty a game, AWA doesn't recognize that I have the game
02.19.2024 20:01:44 - BrandonUzumaki -
If the game is already detected and the quest is started, it will eventually count the hours played, it just takes a while to update.
02.19.2024 20:03:21 - BrandonUzumaki -
If the quest does not detects the game, you will have to play it for a few hours until it recognizes it.
02.20.2024 00:18:50 - Augestflex -
No luck here either. Keep trying different things, including uninstalling/reinstalling, letting it run for a bit, etc. no luck yet. Hmm i'm seeing the note to play for a few hours before it recognizes it. I'll give that a try. My play time
02.20.2024 02:33:27 - Augestflex -
Just to follow up that allowing the game to run for over an hour then exiting the game, then waiting 30 minutes allowed it to finally show up in AWA for me to choose and launch it. Then had to play for another hour (i played for 70 minutes
02.20.2024 10:09:43 - 2cool3 -
Same. Was recognized by the quest the last time but this time it can't find the game again. They should stop using valve games as quests.