So I know that a lot of people watch Live Streams these days, such as Twitch/Kick. I was just curious, does anyone actually use YouTube to watch video playthroughs and how to videos? I feel like that was much more popular years ago, but I still use videos to get 100% achievements, but I feel like the views are MUCH lower now than ever. Maybe because everyone is just watching streamers more often these days? What do YOU think? I appreciate all input!
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06.09.2024 08:45:18 - nimeni32 -
06.09.2024 12:44:27 - anonumos -
youtube videos walkthrough for 100% achievements are rarer and is a niche thing anyway, but the viewers subscribed are more 'loyale' - they return again and again, if you have a walkthrough for that specific thing
06.09.2024 14:07:57 - fahook -
I still watch YT videos for 100% achievs or to know a recent game, i´m not a fan of Twitch to spent time looking for streamers playing the game i want to know, most streamers talk too much with chat and do what the chat wants, than playing
06.09.2024 14:42:25 - BrandonUzumaki -
Yeah, it's harder to get into Youtube nowadays, every type of content will have some big names in it already, so "new blood" need to be very good and charismatic, even unique, to be able to compete. Also the short atention span problem.
06.09.2024 16:59:47 - bcdusk2 -
I watch video longplays sometimes.
06.09.2024 17:40:52 - Punished_Pyle -
I still see YT videos linked in guides, but, typically, I'll only seek out YT videos if there's something specific I'm having trouble with and prefer them to be on the shorter side (2-to-4 minute range)..
06.09.2024 17:42:38 - Punished_Pyle -
Now, if you're looking into Twitch and Kick, I believe Twitch recently relaxed their rule around mirroring your content on other hosts, in case you were considering taking the leap.
06.10.2024 05:06:16 - DblH3liX -
It seems Im the odd one out in the comments here. Youtube is my go-to for all video content I search for or am recommended. I only use Twitch for ARP and game drops.
06.10.2024 05:07:25 - Thalatash -
I rarely watch streamers outside of what I need for ARP. I mostly watch YT for new games I'm interested in or if I'm stuck in a spot or just seeing how others play games that I'm playing. There's a few YTers that I watch anything they do.
06.10.2024 15:24:45 - kovec -
I prefer pre-recorded non-streamed let's plays. I hate the distractions from things like new sub notifications, cheers, and the streamer pausing to thank them. However i prefer WRITTEN guides for achievements.