So I am about 177 ARP short to get the Warframe DLC, anyway to get that much ARP in 5.5 Hours!?
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03.22.2024 18:27:38 - RaPtUrA -
You'll probably be fine if you buy it later on, I doubt it will be sold out instantly.
03.22.2024 19:22:14 - ppavee -
Do you have any artifacts which apply a discount in the marketplace?
03.22.2024 19:52:51 - StellarGamer -
very few people will buy it and if you wait to month end may be discount when they try to dump them
03.22.2024 19:56:18 - Slayer3k -
Yes, think you have time to the end ot the Vault. Less interested than a Warframe DLC can be only Jurassic Park DLC.
03.22.2024 20:37:35 - Memnock74 -
I thought it would sell out quickly, but maybe not! I will keep an eye on it! Thanks for the answers!