Changed artifacts back fros store set to Twitch, but noone to watch for an hour( Losing 32 ARP( We definitely need reduced swap cooldown. At least 12 hours.
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02.24.2024 22:56:44 - krishtian -
Why all 32? You could've watched it yesterday get 15 and continue once artifacts swapped back.
02.24.2024 22:59:39 - Florin108 -
Yes same here, what were the chances of no one being on exactly at this time lol. It seems like there's someone on at every part of the day every single day except today for some reason. Unlucky
02.24.2024 23:15:22 - Slayer3k -
After 15 it said "limit" even after changing. Or it was fixed already?
02.24.2024 23:18:00 - krishtian -
@Slayer3k it says that for a minute or two and then everything counts as usual
02.24.2024 23:25:45 - TonyNG303 -
same, why they even keep streamers that stream all together in the same time
02.24.2024 23:43:36 - rumble69 -
rip arp
02.24.2024 23:43:44 - maayakins -
I don't mind the 24hr Cooldown as long as there's a display somewhere that clearly stated HOW LONG remaining til the time up.As it is right now, it's a pure PITA hoping it's not a site bug preventing the artifact switch instead of CD issue
02.25.2024 00:34:58 - Slayer3k -
@krishtian "streamer offline" few minutes. Artifacts don't work for me about 10-15 minutes then i test it about half year ago.
02.25.2024 00:35:55 - krishtian -
@Slayer3k it works for everyone else - try "Ctrl +F5" next time
02.25.2024 00:38:22 - Slayer3k -
Didn't test it longer. Anyway losing 17 instead of 32 every time you switch artifacts not good at all.