Yea, I'll have enough points for no rest for the wicked tomorrow. I don't know if I should buy it or wait for something even bigger in a few months.
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05.13.2024 18:17:29 - anonumos -
it's 24th not 14th of may
05.13.2024 18:27:41 - ln2233 -
I know, but I'll have enough points by tomorrow
05.13.2024 18:28:00 - RaPtUrA -
Like anonumos said it...still 11 days until then but it's always something to think about, with the change of ARP gain you can't get something every month and that is great, so people don't just get it just because they can.
05.13.2024 18:28:59 - anonumos -
@ln2233 - my bad then
05.13.2024 18:42:58 - anonumos -
I was personally interested in Zet Zillions but it will be released only on 23rd, so there will be no reviews or gameplays until after 24th, so either I'm going blind or I am staying on bench this month
05.14.2024 07:02:43 - anonumos -
for anyone interested in Zet Zilions developers are streaming on the steam page
05.14.2024 15:29:00 - ln2233 -
@RaPtUrA You're right, I'll hold off on this game since it is in Early Access. Alienware gives new games frequently now, so Hades 2 might even be given next month which I'm more interested in.
05.14.2024 17:07:10 - Hamstario -
Personally for me I'm spending it on the dell reward refresh and getting me two extra controllers for my dell ps5/xbox controller collection. I'm like 10 controllers DEEP!