anniversary DRP rewards not credited? The first two days +100 and +200 DRP show in my arena rewards history but not on my dell rewards history. But the 3rd and fourth day +300 and +400 DRP do show on both sites. Did anybody else not receive the first and second days +100 and +200 DRP? I emailed is that the right place to request help? my balance is 700 drp I need the +300 drp so i can cash out the $10 amount. I get a lot of free stuff with drp, almost at enough for a monitor
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06.20.2024 04:13:47 - bfstolar -
06.20.2024 04:15:39 - jbainbridge -
I just noticed I had the same issue you are not alone!
06.20.2024 04:29:12 - Thalatash -
I haven't been credited anything, something is wonky with my account because I actually won 1,500 points on the weekly spin but still haven't been credited with that. I didn't do the "unlimited DRP" glitch, so they shouldn't be mad at me.
06.20.2024 05:45:28 - miilz -
I have day 1 & 3 shown in my dell rewards. Day 2 & 4 do not show up.
06.20.2024 06:29:14 - undox -
I only gotten the 300 myself. All others are missing from my account. Maybe it will come later. If not, there’s always contacting support.
06.20.2024 08:26:40 - MisterMephisto -
Claimed every day thus far, all of it shows up in My Rewards, but I'm missing the 200 DRP from Day 2.
06.20.2024 10:24:39 - iszap72 -
same here :(
06.20.2024 10:38:09 - Purple Phoenix -
Cant claim day 3 and 4 here.. Keeps saying capcha invalid every time, doesnt matter if vpn on or off or different browser hmm
06.20.2024 11:05:38 - ThunderJimmy -
Still no day 3 rewards, there may be some issues through the website or with dell; no clue otherwise
06.20.2024 12:32:35 - maramire -
Mine is showing. I better write down what what I have to make sure it really is adding them to my account though and not just saying they are