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06.22.2024 22:33:53 - Arkyaa -
I could do all of what I can't do now yesterday, the problem started today, I don´t know what could be causing this
06.23.2024 09:06:56 - Tmmimitw -
turned off malwarebytes browser plug in and it worked, probably some adblock blocking it
06.23.2024 22:49:54 - frank479 -
@Tmmimitw - if you go here, Malwarebytes gives instructions on how to clear their storage cache. This works.
06.25.2024 11:48:04 - louvelyn -
If you're using Malwarebytes, you need to enable EasyList &, some users found out that was blocking them specifically.
06.25.2024 18:33:46 - Arkyaa -
yep, ty everyone, it was malwarebytes
06.25.2024 20:43:04 - Tkachuk -
Thanks so much for this! I have been experiencing this issue as well and now that I cleared the Malwarebytes Browser Guard Storage, the website works again.